5th Grade Essentials

5th Grade Essentials
Use this Quizlet website to study the vocabulary words below and play games with them!! 
Acceptable Use Policy – Defines guidelines for using Internet resources.
Animation – An effect that can be added to clipart or text in a multimedia project.
Browser – A software program that lets you explore the World Wide Web to find text, graphics, sound, movies, games, chats and more.
Cell - The "box" where a column and a row intersect, in a spreadsheet.
Database – An organized collection of information. It is like a box of 3x5 cards that you can search and sort.
Download - To get a document from someone else's computer, over a network, and save it on your own computer or floppy disk
Email – A way of sending messages from one computer to another.
Enter – This key is used to return a cursor to the next line and make a brand new line.
Entry – The information you type in a database.
Ethical – Doing what is right.
Field – Holds exactly one type of information about an item or subject, in a database.
Hacker – A person who tries to enter a computer system without permission.
Hardware - The parts of a computer system that you can touch.
Home Row Keys – the row of keys on the computer keyboard your fingers rest on when typing (A, S, D, F and J, K, L, ;).
Hyperlink – A word, phrase, or image that you can click on to jump to a new webpage or a new section within the current webpage.
Icon – A tiny picture on the screen that represents a program, file or folder.
Image – A graphic or picture.
Label – What words are called in a spreadsheet.
Linear Multimedia – The user must view this kind of multimedia in the order it was created.
Multimedia – This includes the use of text, audio, graphics, animation.
Non-linear multimedia – A kind of multimedia which allows the user to view in the order of their choice.
Record – In a database this holds all the information about one item or subject.
Retrieve – To open a file.
Search Engine - A program that searches information on the World Wide Web by looking for specific keywords and returns a list of information found on that topic.
Software – Programs that operate or run the computer.
Spam - Unwanted e-mail from someone you don't know.
Spreadsheet – A computer program that organizes numerical data into rows and columns.
Storyboard – Hand-drawn sketches used to organize a multimedia project.
Tab  – This key is used to indent a paragraph.
URL –The address of a specific Web site or file on the Internet.
Values – What numbers are called in a spreadsheet.
Virus – A computer program that was written to purposely damage computer systems.
Word Processing - A program used for creating documents, letters etc.
5th grade essentials 1st semester
I can recognize the effect of technology in schools, workplaces and society.
I can look into and discuss various jobs that use computers.
I can use proper keyboarding techniques to improve accuracy and speed while using the computer.
I can explain the advantages and disadvantages of using word processing to create content area projects.
I can discuss and use word processing menu/tool bar terms and concepts.
I can select and use word processing menu/tool bar features to edit/revise and change existing documents.
I can create a multi-media presentation using text, graphics, and audio.
I can discuss and identify ethical guidelines for use of personal and copyrighted media in multimedia presentations as a class.
I can create and use rubrics to evaluate multimedia presentations for organization, content, design, presentation and citation.
I am aware of Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines.
5th grade semester 2nd semester
I can access the Internet for online research and find particular information on the Internet.
I can be responsible and show safe use of online resources.
I can evaluate Internet resources and information for accuracy and usefulness.
I can explore the need for protection against viruses and vandalism
I can use appropriate behavior when using computers, networks, and digital information. I can also be able to identify possible consequences of misbehavior.
I can use spreadsheet terms and functions to calculate, represent and explain content area assignments.
I can use spreadsheets to calculate, graph, solve problems and make decisions that start with the question “What if..?”
I can use database terms and functions to find information in prepared content area databases.
I can create and modify simple content area databases to enter, collect, organize, and display content data for class assignment.
I am familiar with email/videoconferencing/web conferencing as a means of interactive communications.