Art Links

Art Links
Jackson Pollack
Paint like jackson Pollack!
Red Studio
Developed by MoMA in collaboration with high school students, Red Studio explores issues and
questions raised by teens about modern art, today's working artists, and what goes on behind the scenes at a museum.
Art-Ticulation: Learning to look at Art
This program invites you to learn about the art critiquing process.
The objectives of ARTiculation were designed to encourage you
to really "look" at a piece of artwork and to understand what goes
into the art making process. You will have opportunities to make
informed judgments and to share personal insights about different
types of art. You will also learn that there is not just one "correct"
answer to the question: "Is this good art?"
Carmine's World of Line and Shape
Learn about lines— 
So many to see. 
Then discover shapes— 
A better artist you'll be!
Destination: Modern Art
The Museum of Modern Art site for kids.
From Cave Art to Your Art
From Cave Art to Your Art: 30,000 years of new media.
Landscape Adventure
Explore the world of art through landscaping.
Leonardo's Workshop
Dr. N. Ventor, scientist-extraordinaire and inventor of a time machine,
is also a big fan of Leonardo da Vinci. To thank you for testing her time
machine, she is showing you her collection of Leonardo's works.
Mr. Picasso Head
Create your own picture Picasso style.
National Art Gallery's "The Art Zone"
Interactive art that kids can make online
SmARTkids was developed by the Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago,  
to help children-particularly those ages 7-12- discover ways to look at, think about,
and respond creatively to art.
The ART of Crime Detection
"The Art of Crime Detection" is an interactive Web activity consisting of an
introductory animation, two crime-solving scenarios, and a open-ended
drawing tool
The Land Design Forgot
Ideas for designing everyday things.