Hour of Code

Hour of Code
Pre-K -1: Kodable
1-5: Candy Quest
Candy Quest
2-5: Animate Your Name with Scratch
With Scratch, you can create your own interactive games, stories, animations -- and share them with your friends. To get started, animate the letters of your name, initials, or a favorite word.
2-5: Artist
2-5: Blockly
Got PCs with slow (or non-existent) internet access? Download the Blockly tutorials that were the precursor of the Code.org tutorials - a single 3MB ZIP file can be loaded onto any computer or used off a memory stick
2-5: Code Monsters
Explore the enchanted forest to capture monsters and learn how to program them by completing coding puzzles. Collect, code, and evolve all the unique monsters. Devise strategies based on your monsters' abilities so they can battle in the multiplayer arena. Whose code will win?
2-5: Code your own sports game
Choose between making a basketball game or mix and match across sports!
2-5: Coding Adventure
In 200 Story Mode and Skill Mode challenges, users help the monkey catch bananas through learning and writing code. Coding Adventure Part I teaches objects, loops, variables, array indexing, functions and more. Part II teaches boolean logic (if-else, AND, OR and NOT), comparisons, function return values and triggering events using the mouse and keyboard. Personalized hints and tips are included every step of the way.
2-5: Coding Pirates
Captain Hack is a pirate looking for treasure. He also writes treasure maps, and writing those like writing code. He (the player) uses "pirate code" for this. It is a symbol-based programming language, used for instructions and even AI behaviors. movements, loops, GO-TO's, true/false-statements are all core parts of the game. The players are guided through a tutorial and presented for the posibilities, step by step. There are no correct solution for the tutorial levels, so the user can chose whatever solution they like.
2-5: CS Tech Jam
IN this multi-lesson project students learn about digital citizenship and follow a design thinking model to solve a problem that they choose! Students will create a game intended to teach users a lesson about responsible digital citizenship. All resources are located in-platform.
2-5: Dance Party
Code a Dance Party to share with your friends. Featuring Katy Perry, Madonna, J. Balvin, Sia, Keith Urban, Ciara, and 25 more!
2-5: Dragon Dash
Design your own custom dragon, then use programming to guide it through fun puzzles on its quest for treasure and coins! You'll have to navigate through complex castles, find power-ups, and conquer knights to get all the treasure.
2-5: Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird
2-5: Frozen
2-5: Infinity Play Lab
Infinity Play Lab
2-5: ITCH Bouncing Ball (in Scratch)
We take you through an introduction to Itch, utilizing the Scratch visual programming language. This lesson provides a video and text directions for the code students need to add to get a ball bouncing zanily around the screen. Once students complete this activity there is an opportunity to explore with ideas for other changes and activities that can be made. There is no set goal or outcome as it's an open learning environment, but with just this starting code students come up with amazing projects! All instruction is contained within the Itch environment so there is no need to be switching screens to follow along with the project. Headphones are recommended.
2-5: ITCH Stop Frame Animation (Scratch)
We'll be using Itch to build our own stop frame animation projects. Note that headphones are recommended for this course. We will use some existing sprites that support animations and show the code we need to add to animate our characters. We'll also go over how to create our very own animation effects and drawings. We'll learn how to change a sprite costume in scratch repeatedly for animation effects (similar to a flip-book animation) and the code behind it. All instruction is contained within the Itch environment so there is no need to be switching screens to follow along with the project.
2-5: Kano Pixel Hack
Creators of all ages learn to code in a real programming language and watch their commands come to life by drawing a sequence of 13 pictures with code. They'll learn along the way about video game art history from Pong and other retro games through 8-bit art and Minecraft, weaving together computer science with art, history, and storytelling. The implementation is flexible––you can spend 1 hour or a few hours over one or multiple sessions.
2- 5: Lightbot
2-5: Make it Fly with Scratch
With Scratch, you can create your own interactive games, stories, animations -- and share them with your friends. To get started, learn how to make your own flying character. 
2-5: Make Music with Scratch
With Scratch, you can create your own interactive games, stories, animations -- and share them with your friends. To get started, make an interactive music project.
2-5: Minecraft
NEW Minecraft
2-5: Moana: Wayfinding with Code
The Disney Hour of Code tutorial uses a visual programming language using blocks where students simply drag and drop visual blocks to write code. Visual programming is a fun and easily understood way to teach the logic of coding. Exposure to visual programming lays the foundation for text-based programming, a more complex activity.
2-5: Monster Maker!
Get kids into coding with this friendly course specially designed for the Hour of Code! Use drag-and-drop blocks to write your own programs, learn about sequence and ordering, and create fun monster characters!
2-5: Play Lab
Play Lab
2-5: Star Wars
Learn to program droids, and create your own Star Wars game in a galaxy far, far away.
2-5: Turtle Drawing
Students start programming in Python right away using our drag to text toolkit and guided instructions! In this activity students learn coding by completing a series of challenges to lead turtle out of a maze! Students learn draw with turtle and finish by creating their own turtle art!
3-5: Learn to Code with Hot Wheels
Learn to program with Hot Wheels in this high-octane racing game! Choose from a wide selection of cars, then learn to program as you navigate through complex race tracks. Jump over obstacles, skid around corners, and win the race. You can even program your own race tracks and challenge your friends to race on them.
3-5: Learn to Code with Monster High
Monster High is hosting a scavenger hunt! Solve coding puzzles with drag-and-drop blocks to help Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Cleo, and Ghoulia. Avoid obstacles and find all the school crests as you quest through the halls of Monster High. Then program your own dance party music video with the ghouls and share it with friends.
3-5: Multiplication Escape STEM Kit
Code your own math game! Your character needs to escape the cave without getting hit by falling boulders. But the only way the character can run forward is by correctly answering math questions! You'll follow step-by-step instructions to program this fun multiplication quiz game.
4-5: CodeCombat: Escape the Dungeon! (JavaScript, Python, Lua, CoffeeScript)
Choose your hero and code your way through the ogre patrols, lava pits, and laser beams of Kithgard Dungeon. Level up, earn gems, and loot magic items to unlock new programming powers!
4-5: CodeCombat: Build Your Own Game!
First, level up your Python or JavaScript programming skills by coding your way out of danger and grabbing sweet loot. Then use your programming powers to build your own game and see if your friends can beat it!